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Here at Blue Pride IS we have extensive knowledge in all aspects of Telecommunications. We have been on hundreds of telephone ports, overseen hundreds of installs from ten phones to upwards of 800. We can come into your company and help you with your existing phone system or help you design a new one. We are Avaya ACSS certified on the IP Office platform and have been working on it for 15 plus years. Avaya can offer a small to medium sized business the tools to help optimize your call flows and integrate seamlessly into your business. We have built many auto attendants so we can design you one that will help your callers get to the intended destination most efficiently.

When it comes to changing service from one carrier to another we can also help you with that, most carriers ask that your PBX vendor be onsite incase of any issues. We can fulfill that roll for you, we have worked with all the major carriers and have done hundred of ports and know how to make it as seamless as possible for our customers.

As well as Avaya certified we are also certified on the Alcatel OXE platform. If you have an Alcatel OXE and you need help on programming it think of Blue Pride. We can help you with basic programming all the way up to advanced routing. It can be overwhelming when it comes to dealing with class of service roles and such in the bigger systems however we can work with you to help you understand.

When it comes to your phone system we know it is a big investment to your company and we are not a company that wants you dependent on us. We will work with you and train you on how to manage and make changes on your system so you don't need to call us for everything, unless you want to.

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