L2/3 Network Switching


Here at Blue Pride we have the experience and expertise to help you build out your wired computer network. We have experience working on a wide verity of switching platforms. The wired network is the backbone to your computer network while it can be as easy as just plugging cables in, we can help you get the most out of your network while making your business secure from people plugging in and accessing your network. While most small businesses will not need to take advantage of all a Layer 2 or 3 switch have to offer, one they should all be looking at is VLAN's. This can give you a great option of having a guest network and a corporate network running on the same switch while having them secure from one another.

We can also help with more advanced routing and switching features such as certificate based security. Most company's are great at securing their wireless networks with good passwords yet we overlook the wired connection in the wall that's plugged into our corporate network. We can come in and take a look at how your network is setup and working and what security concerns should be addressed to keep your network safe and secure.

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