Access Control


When it comes to giving someone access to your building there are a few routes you can go, although access control with RFID is one of the best ones. With access control you have a log of who came into your building at what time as well as the ability to shut down a key at any time.

Do you want the ability to have keys only active during a certain time period?

With RFID that is possible 

Are you tired of re keying your building cause you don't get a key back? 

With RFID and access control all you have to do is login and delete the key from the system. They keys are cheap and it wont cost thousands of dollars to replace them all.

Do you want to be able to give certain people access to one area but not others?

With access control we can do that we can tell the system who is able to access what doors.

If you are interested in talking about an access control system for your building or suite contact us for more information.

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